That wary feeling that causes me to procrastinate stuff

Waking up late is a pain in the ass.

The day is delayed, it’s an unwitting form form of procrastination.

But I do believe a good night’s kip is time well spent.

In the coming year I will be trying to become a little bit more of a lark. My heart sinks when, after watching videos until 1am, I see that it’s 11.45am on a Saturday and, rolling into the blankets with the depression of this information, the next time I look it’s already the afternoon. Eating porridge in a dressing gown and slippers after midday puts a depressingly student-like spin on the day. It seems the later half of the day will inevitably slide towards the truly mindless pursuit of watching daytime television. (And thanks to something called “Salvame”*, this can’t even be construed a productive exercise in Spanish learning!).

I want to move forward in my writing, drawing and spanish, while maintaining my french! So why are these the things which are pushed so far down my “to do” list, that they inevitably fall off, onto the next day’s routine activities, and the cycle begins again?

I’m not one who believes in physical discomfort. I suspect my biology is the boss of me, rather than the other way around. I want to sleep 8 hours a night, and I think cooking your own food from scratch (soup, salads, nowt fancy) is a serious investment in your future health.

There’s the tricky business of earning money. Which tends to take up quite a bit of time.

I’ve recently taken quite the pay cut, and moved into the area of language teaching (English 🙂  ), with a view to facilitate the above goals. Because I’m new to it, it hasn’t, so far, freed up the hours that I’d hoped, but I’m now four months in and the fact that I’ve now got some language exchanges on the go reflects that now I do have a little more time.

But time is no obstacle for the master procrastinator. For example, I have just stopped myself opening a new browser window for the pressing matter or whether the brand of cowboy boots I am considering would be a solid purchase. As I’m actually writing about procrastination, my willpower has held out on this occasion.

So, in relation to the ol’ earning money element of spending time, this weekend I have to write some end of term reports for kids I teach. I have some verbal spanish, but almost no written skills and as such it is likely to take me a number of quite painful hours. I could look upon it as a learning experience, but the frustrating thing would be that it probably wouldn’t be presentable in the end anyway.

The idea came to me to “outsource” the work.

I know, how very 2009 of me.

I’d already written the English versions of their reports on one of my recent train journeys. Being in table format I was able to anonymise them by giving each student a number and using this to identify them in the text.

But because I’ve never done it before, I feel wary! and I’m procrastinating it… !! I’m wondering if it won’t work, and if, at the last minute i’ll have to cobble together some pitiful Spanish.

So I thought I’d write a quick blog post, a “before”, if you will.

The other question is, having freed up this time, will I use it on one of my goals, or shall I end up watching inane youtube videos?

* this is certainly a post for another time

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