Starting and Finishing

It wasn’t my intention to coincide this post with the New Year.

I am, however, probably subject to l’air du temps as much as anyone.

I’m quite the procrastinator. As someone who’s come across this blog you might be too.

Tim Urban from the website “Wait but why?” helpfully names that procrastination abyss “The Dark Playground”, and in doing so hopes to help us think, and choose more clearly about how to use our time. Hopefully escaping the compulsive sidebar clicking.

Am I reaching dizzy heights of procrastination, by continually blogging about my struggles with it?

I not only have problems with starting, but my impression is certainly that my completion rate is not at all high. I’ve done a bit of an inventory of “projects commenced” over the past five years.  I’ve got quite an large embroidery image (taken from an old poster from the San Sebastian film festival) which I begun in ahem… 2010 (photos of that later), a half made collar with antique ribbon back when that was trendy, and a slightly strange bead embroidery of a tree, the intention for which I now can’t recall….

that lilac felt shouldn't still be visible!            IMG_1642

These aren’t the best examples. I need to set up a sewing machine to complete the collar (not how I’m planning to spend my short visit to Scotland with my family), and I’m not even sure what the point of “completion” of the tree is… but I’ll be sure to post the “San Sebastian” embroidery, which I do plan to finish in the Spring of 2015.

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