Day 2: Favourite Animal for a day: Wasps


This was drawn close to midnight on the 2nd of January.

Wasps are not my favourite animals, usually.

I had woken on the 2nd of January wondering if the buzzing insect I had flapped and fanned out of under my duvet had been a dream, and concluding that it probably had been.

Returning to bed at the end of the day, a dusty looking, bulky wasp was dragging itself towards my wooden floor lamp. It certainly wasn’t in good shape. And I couldn’t see how greater proximity to the bulb was going to change it’s overall outlook. It’s January in Scotland, and really, I was surprised the wasp had made it this far.

This blog is quite the fascinating perspective on all things insect (although there is a bit more about bed bugs than I’d like to know about). It was the source of the discovery that wasps cannot fly “when chilled” (that would certainly include ambient Scottish winter temperatures). I wondered if other motor functions would also be impaired, accounting for it’s unusual gait. Was the 30 watt bulb the best potential source of heat in the room? (That wasn’t actively swatting it away).

I also read, on Reddit, a personal account that bees* can sometimes be revived with some sugar water. The usefulness of doing this on a bee-by-bee basis is debated – 172 comments, who knew?

It is a source of some personal disquiet (but, really not very much) that I continued to draw the wasp, and search for information on it rather than supplying it with some sugar water. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to have to try to remove a reinvigorated wasp from my room at 1am.

The struggle must have lasted some time into the night, but it was certainly over by the time I woke in the morning.

For this day, and the information gathering journey that my encounter with this creature took me on, I have instated “wasps” as my favourite animal**.




* I know bees are not wasps but an internet cross check revealed that while carnivorous in Springtime, come Autumn/Winter they are less fussy and less protein-centric, something that anyone who has tried to eat a jam sandwich in the park will already know.

**In no way related to the fact that this was the only animal I drew on the 2nd of January.


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