Day 3: Favourite Character from a Book


I’m falling well behind on this!

I worry it’s going to reveal something psychopathic about my personality that I don’t really have a favourite character from a book.

And, odder still, it’s never occurred to me to think of a character out with the matrix of the story for which they were written.

Although I slightly favour non-fiction, I do read and enjoy novels and short stories, but I wouldn’t say that any of my favourite fiction (The Glass Bead Game, Cloud Atlas, anything by Raymond Carver) pull one character to the fore, that is to say they are driven more by setting, or events than a personality per sae.

I pretty much always try to read fiction in my second or third language. It is one of my favourite experiences in language learning! Fiction in English feels quite crisp around the edges: in published authors ambiguity is most commonly an intentional device. Reading fiction without the immediacy of the total comprehension we all benefit from in our first language is to enter a less certain, dream like world where images and stories emerge more slowly, and at times remain hazy.

So I’ve drawn Raimund Gregorius from Pascal Mercier’s “Night Train to Lisbon”, which I am reading currently in the Spanish “Tren Nocturno a Lisboa” version. Raimund is a scholar who has lived his life within the security of the printed page, but an encounter, and a book lead him to abandon his life in Bern for the Portuguese capital, I’m not much further on than that, plot wise but I’m pretty certain that Raimund would wear tweed.

A shadow fell over this drawing as I took a photo of it. Somehow it seemed to suit Raimund, so I’ve left it as is.


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