Day 4: A Quote You Like (this goes in a dark direction, avoid if squeamish)


This drawing task took me to some quite dark territory.

I even checked the WordPress FAQs to see what the community response might be to a drawing (albeit quite a stylised one) of what is effectively a young boy’s severed head.

I’m a big fan of Eleanor Roosevelt overall and she is very strong on pithy but common sense statements. In a few words she neatly exposes how very gruesome our very idea of a “war won” is.

I had the idea of drawing some tanks or military paraphernalia, but for some reason looked up “War” images for inspiration.

This, in it’s original photographic form is shocking in the true meaning of the word. It physical representation of what some many call victory and as such calls into question this very term. It is not a comment on this war specifically, as I have very little background in Korean history.

Today, the offices of the French satirical paper “Charlie Hebdo” were attacked by armed men. Journalists and policemen have been killed by men presumed to be Islamic extremists, in the name of a holy war. It is sad to think of these men and women who, far from being any real enemy of Islam, were essentially in the wrong place at the wrong time. Killing to warn, win or provoke takes us far from any religion, and far from any humanity.

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