Day 5 (many days later than the 5th day)

A favourite TV programme is very tricky.

I started with some scenes from one of my all time favourite comedy sketches “An Unnamable Unimaginable thing in my basement” or the Lovecrafian sketch as it’s titled by this youtube video.

But I then lost the paper, and having invested a bit of time in it already spent rather too many days hoping it would show up before realising of the futility of the task.

The sketch is from “Burnistoun” comedy written inspired by the city of Glasgow and starring scots, Iain Connell and Robert Florence. I’m a fan overall, but I do think it has a few real stand out sketches.

So, as I still hold out hope of finding those scenes, I’ve stayed within the same show and done a quick drawing of the silver tongued salesman in the “Denim Jayscuit” sketch (mislabelled – in my opinion by the uploader of this youtube video).


In the hope of getting back on track drawing wise…!

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