Scoffed: A Tribute


I would like to be clear: I have no shame about eating pizza.

The shame is threefold:

1. Eating the pizza (see in-image writing) prior to embarking on the drawing

2. Starting confidently in pen, getting it all wrong. Having to label items in the drawing such they they are recognisable (a major no no in the art world) and poorly planning the labels so they are obscured by other items.

3. Throwing out pizza box and contents before the drawing was finished.

How do you do it, sketch bookers, photographers? Holding out, while the food goes cold in front of your very eyes? Who am I kidding, even raw or ambient temperature prepared foodstuffs wouldn’t hold out for long in front of me. And I ask myself, who is the one who really loves the food here? Is my pizza box not a finer tribute to it’s irresistible contents than a mountain of arty sizzling mozzarella shots?

No. Probably not.

5 thoughts on “Scoffed: A Tribute

  1. I think one can try doing a speed sketch, just indicating the most important details so it can be finished later. Or, like I often do, take a photo. Might be cheating, but I love pizza too 😉


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