Scriptwriters! Listen up!


Are you writing about something in a hospital?

Will you, or some meddling director, or some overexcited props person put a “heart monitor” or “ventilator” in your scene?

These aren’t just decorative, you know. The perform functions and give information.

Get yourself some PAFs (professions allied to medicine) or even medics themselves as mates. They think you do a cooler job than they do anyway, and will be glad to help you out so that your scene continues to suspend, rather than create disbelief.

It’s taken me some time to find French police drama “Engrenages“, and I agree with the opinions on the IMDb page I’ve linked to. It’s an excellent drama (I’ve done three series in less weeks). With dark themes. As my sister said “The Frenchies have out-noired the Scandis”.

When I wrote this, I was disappointed in the screenwriters, but I think that exposes that I know as little about their job as they might know of one of mine. It might, in all fairness, have been the work of a script supervisor or worse, a medical advisor. But somewhere, somehow, someone involved in the production of this program has committed a small, but disappointing error.

I’ve seen medical matters mismanaged before, but it’s only really a matter of frustration when the rest of the production seems to be a higher quality affair, and I’ll admit that my binge viewing of the programme has been unaffected either way. My sketchbook above, outlines the error itself, as well as my frustration* in more detail 🙂 !

*let’s keep it in perspective, it’s just a rant.

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