Gothic Horror in the Housing Association (part 1)


I debated whether I should finish my whole drawing/strip before uploading it to my page. I estimate that there are another two similar squares to come. Perfectionism and “Completionism” (hmm.. that doesn’t seem to be a word… I’m going with it for now) are the bedfellows of my good friend procrastination, and I decided to thwart this frenemy by posting in instalments.

I started this for my “favourite TV show challenge”, although it is really one of my favourite comedy sketches, where the gothic world of HP Lovecraft collides with a local Scottish housing association (see also “Epiphany Continuum” Sketch where horrors of a biblical proportion meet TV dinners). I’ve never done this sort of strip before, and it’s fair to say the planning was poor. Additionally, it’s important to keep the character’s faces looking similar from one frame to the next (tricky 🙂 !), but given that I’ve found, and completed this third of the drawing, I’ll hopefully continue onto the others!

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