Colour Madness en el Parque


Back at the park and I had a lot of fun doing this, I’m happier with it than I’ve been with my watercolour efforts so far, but it’s admittedly gone a bit wild with the colour.

In addition, after fretting a bit about which grade of pencil to use, I realised, on my arrival in “el parque” that I had forgotten both of them, and have had to make do with a standard black ink pen, which has’t really run – hurrah! I suspect it has helped along with keeping forms distinct, which I might have struggled with with watercolour + pencil šŸ™‚ !

The original plan for a contour drawing got a bit lost in the palm trees, but it was towards the end and my stamina was waning!

6 thoughts on “Colour Madness en el Parque

      1. I have gone to watch Charles Reid watercolour tutorials on YouTube as you mentioned him, they are really good. I think they may help me with my water-colour issues. More lack of experience then anything in particular. Karen

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