Frustrating times with the watercolours



I know, that to get good, you have to be prepared to be rubbish… albeit with the will to practice and get better.

Patience, not my forte, remains an issue.

Yesterday I headed out to try some watercolours on the cathedral close to my house, I had to head uphill a bit for a better view, and also because the Spanish “Semana Santa” celebrations and processions were in full swing. There is a tiny park overlooking the city and cathedral which provides both shade (essential for my skin tone) and a great view of the building.

I was strangely out of sync with the drawing process, which is the part I feel most comfortable with usually.

A couple of “false starts” and then a wobbly attempt at putting in some shade.

I’ve been back to the Charles Reid videos, and I’ll be trying his approach of contour drawing today prior to the watercolours and we’ll see how that works out!

4 thoughts on “Frustrating times with the watercolours

  1. How nice to get out to a lovely perch and paint. Contour drawing – similar approach in my current issue of the watercolor artist’s magazine I just subscribed to. Sounds interesting, can’t wait to see more. Looks like you’ve got a good start there…

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  2. I quite like the start of this, great rich colours and variation in the wash (something I always struggle with). I can sympathise those, lots of little eighth sheets watercolour paper gone into the recycling here. It will be worth it in the end!

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