A Virtual Hiatus to attend Sketchbook School


I’ve had a few things on the go recently, and as usual, blogging dropped off my “to do” list! I always like to see other people’s work and get inspired by the amazing drawing, sketching and painting on the internet. I’ve had some time to do that in the last couple of days, and it has made me want to get involved in the conversation again!

I have however, managed to keep up my drawing, as I enrolled in Danny Gregory’sSketchbook School“. I read Danny’s book “The Creative Licence” about five years ago, as I was starting to change direction to prioritise what was important to me in my life, I remember it made me cry! (I am not really “a crier”). I think it spoke to a frustration in me at that time. Since, I’ve changed my job, I live in a different country, speak 2 more languages than I started with (although my Spanish still needs a lot of work 🙂 !). To some extent, I feel that I’ve needed all that experience to have the confidence to start drawing again.

So when I saw that Danny Gregory (and team) had developed an online classroom, I was interested in the concept. The timing also coincided with my re-connection with drawing. Although on my current wage it worked out at a relatively expensive $16.50 + VAT, I have certainly spent my cash on more frivolous items in the past, so I decided to go for it.

It is very well run, with a new lesson becoming available every Friday. It’s true that in comparison to a classroom experience, the lessons seem short. In truth art classes I have attended usually have a short demo followed by student application in situ, so I’ve not found this too troubling. The flexibility and portability of this online school has been a major advantage for me. I do also feel that there is enough “material” to last for the whole week, and I’ve certainly re-visited a lot of the videos. Displaying your homework assignment is also valuable (like here among the blogs!), you can see very directly how others have tackled similar subjects, styles or compositions and I’ve learned a lot through this.

It is a “sketchbook school” and I’ve always been one for an anonymous sheet of paper! But I have been converted to the convenience and unfailing presence of a book in my bag, I feel it’s probably more versatile than I’ve given it credit for, and there’s the acceptance of living with the pages that you are not too impressed with!

The above pages are the latest from my sketchbook school experience.

As a post script to this article, I should mention that Sketchbook School are doing a bit of a giveaway at the moment, with art and books from the online teaching faculty, you can enter here!

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