Are Larks a bit smug?

This morning I woke, didn’t feel tired, at 6am.

5 hours after I went to bed.

It’s hard to explain because I’m a nine hours kinda girl, with night owl tendencies.

Although I’ve always been jealous of larks because they do seem to be getting stuff done AND the tranquility and easy light of the morning suit me well.

I know this mainly because occasionally when I drink the night before I wake early :-), not the case today.

The sky is pretty light, despite sunrise being a whole 10 minutes from now. My plan is to head to the park with my cookies* and attempt some more skies.

Some of my sky practice so far (evenings/photgraphs)



I certainly feel a bit smug at the moment (about the cookies and early start to the day, not the skies – yet!)

Do you think it’s possible to “reset the clock”?

* the word “cookies” oversells my oat/raisin/banana/peanut butter mix, softly warmed in the oven and refrigerated.

2 thoughts on “Are Larks a bit smug?

  1. I think it is. I slept until late when I was younger, and since a couple of years I love to get up early. Love it, when all is still quiet and fresh somehow. I´m much more creative then. Really like your pictures and colors here, btw. 😊

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  2. Hi Ann Christina, I also really enjoy the early morning on the rare occasions when I am not pining for my bed (travelling or inexplicably today), I should say that at 11am today I started to feel sleepy and I did go back to bed for 3 and a half hours! Thanks for the comments about the colours, I’m a bit hit or miss at the moment with watercolour: hence the practice!


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