Sketchy Behaviour Inaugural Meeting

4 people with sketchbooks in the corner of one of Jaén’s central cafes.

One confused waitress.

Some interested onlookers.

I do draw outdoors in parks and cafes, but a larger (even very small) group does attract more attention in small town Spain.

It was a modest start, and very clear that we had all done quite a bit of drawing in our own way. I sat, as the model, for some warm up and Nikita (image below) sat more professionally having “done a bit of modelling in the past”. It turns out she’s a real pro: she can drink tea without moving her face :-). This isn’t the best likeness of her but she is pretty photogenic!

Two of the sketchers had mainly drawn from photographs before and understandably the busy moving cafe environment was all a bit much.

A really nice part of the experience, is sitting with friends quietly while everyone is engrossed in an activity (that isn’t playing crazy birds).

It’s off to a positive start and I think everyone went home itching to draw more!

I think a key element of this is sharing the work, and although it sounds silly, having other people appreciate what you have done!



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