Catching a dream


My friend Cassie makes very cool dream catchers, and she had offered to make me one in exchange for a drawing.

A drawing of what? My choice.

Cassie is off to travel around South America next year, and I wanted to give her something inspired by this, but made the mistake of working too long on the same drawing – should’ve had a breather!

The drawing of Cassie herself is pretty accurate, the plane is ok, but i really got into trouble with my heart not being in those hot air balloons :-(.  I’m getting something nice in exchange for my drawing, and I feel I can do better. I may cut and re-use the picture of Cassie in a different composition.

The white space at the bottom was for a bit of writing, probably the Ray Bradbury “stuff your eyes with wonder” quote.

This version is not sufficient to catch a dream, but I’m happy to keep trying!

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