About the frontier

This is about the edge of my consciousness, the bit in the present looking into the future (like the bit you’re reading this with) and why I spend so much of it sidetracked by a HBO box set or a moderately compelling Huff Post headline.

I’m not accustomed to the long game. My previous profession, and current stop gap work, put me in a position of reacting to evolving situations, rather than allowing me to bring a project or task to completion.

I prioritise mundane tasks, and despite a change in profession (to facilitate a drop in hours and change in location) my days are crammed full of procrastination.

And reading blogs and articles about how to overcome it and streamline your life.

I want to draw and paint more often, and more skilfully! I’m keen to write with more precision and insight!

Come and join me – here or on Instagram!



8 thoughts on “About the frontier

    1. Je n’étais pas tout á fait consciente que mon site soit “non-conformiste”, c’est plutôt ma façon de penser… :-), mais je vous retourne le compliment – vos ouvres sont fascinants!
      Je ne suis jamais allée a Barcelona (il faut que j’y aille), et normalement je me trouve a Madrid pour attraper un vol. Je suis actuellement en Andalucia, le plus beau des régions en Espagne 🙂 !

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    1. Thank you also for your visit: it’s still a daily struggle. Now it seems more like a shuffle of priorities… I think I’ve only met a handful of people who don’t see themselves as procrastinators – and they usually seem pretty efficient types, I’m not sure were that comes from!

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  1. Thanks for following my Camino de Santiago blog!
    I’ve been procrastinating a bit myself but I hope you enjoy reading more about my 500 mile journey across Spain & I look forward to reading about your creative adventures too 🙂

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