Advertising (kind of)

Empty wine bottle (sketchy)

With the firm agreement that Sketchy Behaviour (Jaén’s best drawing club) should be resurrected for 2016, we thought we’d start things off with a bang! This particular cheeky number is only just over 2€ in Lidl, and very delicious it is too (if in a slightly ribena-y way).

Sketchy Behaviour in the Park


Sketchy Behaviour’s second outing.

And as we sketched, the guiri musicians of Jaén called their own meeting (perhaps that’s too grand a word) in the city! A creative vibe is infectious – particularly in a small community like ours!

This time: landscapes, and Jaén has quite a few to offer. This time we looked up towards the castle (Castillo de Santa Catalina) and cross (I was directly across from the side of this, hence no “arms”). It’s a very rocky view and quite challenging from that point of view. I think I would have struggled with this even more a few weeks ago so I think the more regular drawing is paying off.