A note from Madrid

I love the sense of accomplishment that travel brings.

Particularly dense journeys involving a number of types of transportation.

Yesterday morning I was typing a prospective post (having created my new WordPress account the night before) on a Madrid bound train from the andalusian city where I work. I’ve since been to my adopted home of London and back again.

4,100 kilometers as the crow flies.

But it’s a passive feat, paid on plastic and courtesy of maths, physics, engineering, investment, infrastructure, a number of key professions (pilots and train drivers spring to mind) as well as their the legion of supporting crew.

And little concrete emerges (if you’re me anyway).

Don’t get me wrong. Being in the moment, watching the sun disperse mist over olive groves, dew on the cables and a turner-esque sky over some of London’s greener commuter belts is great, I’m just better than average at “enjoying being in the moment”, and I’d like to start to move from appreciation to inspiration, and preferably therefore to action!



A hasty shot from my hotel window!

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