En el parque


Out to explore tone and watercolour, I thought I’d have a go at keeping it monotone.

I live in southern Spain and the temperatures now are conducive to getting outdoors 🙂 hurrah!

But I image I am not alone in feeling a bit conspicuous drawing and painting outside, although every time I do it, I recall why it’s worth the initial “feeling a bit awkward with your sketchbook stage”.

I’m not sure I’ve really explored the properties of watercolour here. It feels more like an “underpainting” for oils. I really did try to keep my pencil “guidelines” to a minimum and then work on the darkest areas, gradually lightening down.  Problems with quick drying and hard edges… but I think that is lack of confidence on the wetness and speed front…  I’ reasonably happy with the stairs/ path element, the trees/shrubs/grass confusion reflects a real “is this shape darker than that shape?” confusion and the less said about those railings the better.

I think I might continue on this line for a bit, but trying to explore the “blooms” and “runs” of the medium a bit more, possibly with 2 colours…

Many thanks to those who gave me some watercolour suggestions on my last post, I hope to continue to experiment with the suggestions you have made 🙂 ! I’ve now seen king of watercolour Charles Reid (as suggested by Mel is North) and feel both humbled and inspired to go on…!

I think I’m happy enough with this overall though to convert it into a postcard and have it travel to the UK to a friend with whom a “creative correspondence” has lapsed!

Hitting one of the “Via Verde” paths around here in the next couple of days so hopefully I’ll do some more outdoor images from there.

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