In the morning light


The primary aim here was to capture the morning sky, or morning light (because I’m so infrequently awake to see it 🙂 !)

I’ve been looking at what other people do and found this video with David Bellamy with some quite helpful tips.

Just looking at his work again, I can’t believe the subtlety he achieves with his purple sunset!

I was pretty disappointed with it initially, returning to my flat, doing some marking and then having a quick snooze (well, I did get up at 6am!). I decided to try to rehabilitate it with coloured pencil and (to some extent) it has worked 🙂 –  I wish I had a copy of the “before” sketch, it was pretty flat.

I was very frustrated by the tree at the left which was just slightly closer to me than the Mediterranean Cypress. It was very beautiful, nearly black against the morning sky with quite a diffuse leave pattern at the edges becoming more “solid” centrally. I was so annoyed that I seem to have just ignored the bottom left hand of the picture entirely – and certainly, I think you can see the bottom of my picture overall received less attention than the top!

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